App Name GrowStone
Package Name net.supercat.stone
Genre RPG
Size 98.89 MB
Latest Version 1.468
MOD Info
Update Fri Feb 17 2023

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GrowStone é um jogo de rpg que vem sendo adorado pelos gamers. No momento, muitas pessoas querem baixar o GrowStone apk 2023, mas GrowStone geralmente consome muita energia e dinheiro. Por isso o o GrowStone mod apk tornou-se uma aquisição mais importante. oferece grande conveniência para baixar o GrowStone mod apk.

GrowStone passou por diversas versões ao longo dos anos. GrowStone 2018, GrowStone 2019, GrowStone 2020, GrowStone 2021. GrowStone 2023 é a última versão, então GrowStone 1.468 2023 é usada com frequência como palavra-chave de busca pelos usuários. oferece versões diferentes do GrowStone mod apk, incluindo a última versão 1.468 de 2023. Baixe GrowStone mod APK 1.468 2023 para Android GRATUITAMENTE agora no!

Descrição do GrowStone Mod APK 2023

■■■ 2d online MMORPG game to find the legendary stone! ■■■Welcome to Grow Stone Online, adventure to find the legendary stone!Play 2d pixel mmorpg games and Grow stone with multiplayers online!Why stone? Cause it's the first weapon of man in the world!![How to Play]○ Super Easy! Just tap and Touch, That's it○ If you're busy, Use Auto Function!○ Get Rewards while you're not in game○ Jump up and use mining machine![Best Weapon]○ Knife? Bomb? Arrow? what about stone?○ Dig and grow stone in mine! do IDLE RPG○ Imagine what happened if you combine them○ Make a Pheonix, Solar Stones etc [Enjoy 2d MMORPG]○ Fight in Dangerous Dungeon games with friends ○ Be Brave! Adventure to Tower of challenge○ Anyone who fight with me? Let's PVP!○ Enjoy Castle Battle with your clan○ Run! it's a Battle Field! Co-op!○ Hunt Monsters in many fields, do RPG!○ Exciting Raid-Boss monster online○ Challenge! The hardest hell mode of dungeon!○ Show me your power! Let's fight in Arena○ Get Fishing Bait back! Catch Flying Fishes now[More friends, More fun]○ Join the clan and be the best clan!○ You're not alone! Enjoy Party Hunting!○ Exciting Party Quest! Real RPG!○ Become a couple with couple system~ xoxo○ Doing fishing, talking with others, get items too ○ Trade at town, mine by vending machine! [So attractive]○ Meet various Avatar, pet in 2d pixel, retro graphic○ Decorate your avatar with armor, accessory etc○ Time killing! addictive Combination! like a IDLE games!○ Enjoy rain, snow! weather just like a real world.[EVENT]○ Free Dungeon Tickets everyday!○ Double Gold, Rubies in 'Hot time'!○ Got tons of gift from 'On Time' Event!○ Rain will bring you good luck○ More amazing event is waiting for you![Contact us]○ Please send mail if you have any question or find any errors or love our game.We'll try to reply as soon as possible even though we are on the adventure.Waiting for you, Brave Adventurers!See you in 2d pixel mmorpg game, Grow Stone Online!○ Community here : ○ Customer Service : ([email protected])○ Terms of Service : ■■■ Thank you! ■■■ GrowStone MOD APK

Gastar muito tempo nos primeiros dias de GrowStone acumulando moedas do GrowStone é algo muito doloroso. Ao invés de gastar dinheiro para resolver esse problema, o GrowStone mod apk do Happymod é uma solução melhor. Os usuários do GrowStone fizeram os seguintes comentários:

I love this game! I truly appreciate the simple merge concept and it has a great artstyle. The gameplay is great and easy to control. There's a few rough parts, but it isn't too bad. For example the auto mode against enemies is very ineffective since your character walks right into the enemy you're attacking without distancing themselves at all, which will always end in your character dying. The overall gameplay is still great and I bet you will keep making improvements on these small details!

I absolutely love this game. Been playing it since 5 years ago. Been coming back to it over and over because I cannot find a comparison for this game for android. 5/5 would give it 10/10 if I could. (Edit): Recently I am unable to load my old account, the game crashes whenever I log in my old account but works fine if I play with a new account. Please help, I do not want to lose years of progress!

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D. Clique em baixar pacote para instalar GrowStone mod apk diretamente.