App Name 夢幻模擬戰
Package Name com.gamebeans.mhmnz
Genre RPG
Size 77.15 MB
Latest Version 2.44.0
MOD Info
Update Tue Jun 14 2022

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夢幻模擬戰 é um jogo de rpg que vem sendo adorado pelos gamers. No momento, muitas pessoas querem baixar o 夢幻模擬戰 apk 2023, mas 夢幻模擬戰 geralmente consome muita energia e dinheiro. Por isso o o 夢幻模擬戰 mod apk tornou-se uma aquisição mais importante. oferece grande conveniência para baixar o 夢幻模擬戰 mod apk.

夢幻模擬戰 passou por diversas versões ao longo dos anos. 夢幻模擬戰 2018, 夢幻模擬戰 2019, 夢幻模擬戰 2020, 夢幻模擬戰 2021. 夢幻模擬戰 2023 é a última versão, então 夢幻模擬戰 2.44.0 2023 é usada com frequência como palavra-chave de busca pelos usuários. oferece versões diferentes do 夢幻模擬戰 mod apk, incluindo a última versão 2.44.0 de 2023. Baixe 夢幻模擬戰 mod APK 2.44.0 2023 para Android GRATUITAMENTE agora no!

Descrição do 夢幻模擬戰 Mod APK 2023

["Dream Simulator" × "Bright Resonance" linkage decision]"Fantasy Simulation Warfare" × "Bright Resonance" linkage is coming! The gate of time and space is activated, and Wuxiang, Sonia, and Exela come to the continent of El Salia! A brand new adventure is coming, commanders, are you ready to accept the challenge?The Japanese original factory supervises the whole process, super first-line voice actor lineup, and invites national music producer Tokuyuki Iwataru to join. New plot creation, creating a grand fantasy world! Continuing the classic strategy of the original work, creating real-time player confrontation in the war chess game![War chess performance, gorgeous war chess masterpiece debut]The gorgeous war chess series "Dream Simulation Battle", produced by Masaya Studio, is known as one of the three major works of Japanese SRPG. The powerful battle effect is its core game experience! In this work, this feature is 100% original. The arms restrain each other, the terrain elements determine the battlefield pattern, and the battle strategy becomes extremely important.【Full Voice Voice All-Star Japanese Voice Actor Lineup】It includes all the BGMs of the past, and specially invited the composer of the original series, Mr. Tokuyuki Iwatrue (the masterpieces of game music "Grantia" series, "Ace Attorney" series, "Dream Simulator" series, etc.), to personally write the game music for this work . The voice actor of the previous work, Yuryu Taro, together with the popular first-line voice actors Yui Horie, Mamiko Noto, Saori Hayami and others, jointly formed an all-star voice actor lineup of more than 30 people, and realized the full voice of the series for the first time.[Moving plot, heroic long song of sword and magic]This work is the only official orthodox sequel of the series, and it is also the first time this series has landed on the mobile platform! The original story of a million-word novel not only has a brand-new protagonist, but also all the popular characters from the original series will appear! The story returns to the familiar continent of "Elusalia", and the legend of the holy sword Langulisa is telling you...[Super large capacity, multi-line branches + popular levels of all ages]This work will have an original plot with a super-large capacity of 1 million words. At the same time, as the return of the entire series, it includes many classic battles from the 5th generation of the original work, with a total of more than 300 levels. The game level design includes dozens of ways to pass the level, such as guarding the survival of NPCs, retreating from the crowd, and blocking the enemy by one man, which greatly increases the fun of the game.[Interactive development, exclusive plot levels for all characters]The fetter system has been added, and with the increase in the favorability between the player and the hero, the exclusive plot level will be unlocked, and Ta will tell the life story of the relationship with the Holy Sword. The most anticipated job transfer system in the original series has been brought into full play in this game. Each hero has his own independent job transfer tree, and he can flexibly transfer jobs according to the overall needs of the team in order to maximize his combat power."Dream Simulation Warfare" subscription function description and Google's official subscription function notes1. Subscription price and cycleYou can subscribe to "The Clock of Forgiveness" in the game. The subscription price in Taiwan is NT$ 30 (HK$ 8 in Hong Kong, MOP$ 8 in Macau), and the subscription period is 30 days.2. About subscription contentUsers who subscribe to "The Clock of Forgiveness" can get privileged experience during the subscription period. The privilege content is as follows: ① You can go back to any step of the previous operation during the battle (can be used 3 times per battle, team and PVP battles cannot be used ); ② The stamina consumed by losing a battle is reduced by 50%.3. About automatic renewalGoogle's official subscription function is an auto-renewal subscription, which is confirmed and paid by the Google Store Account. Users need to manually cancel the auto-renewal function in the Google Store Settings Management. Subscription automatic renewal will be deducted within 24 hours before the end of each subscription period, and the payment will be confirmed by Google Store. If you need to cancel the subscription function, you need to turn off the automatic renewal function at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription. If auto-renewal is not canceled before this time, the subscription period will automatically renew.【contact us】"Dream Simulator" official website: "Dream Simulator" customer service report URL: "Dream Simulator" FB fan group: 【Reminder】※The game content involves sex, violence, and inappropriate language, and it is classified as supplementary level 12 according to the game software classification management method.※The plot of the game is purely fictitious, pay attention to the use of time, do not indulge or imitate improperly.※Part of the content requires additional payment, do not use others to store it to avoid breaking the law.※The service area of ​​this game is limited to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau 夢幻模擬戰 MOD APK

Gastar muito tempo nos primeiros dias de 夢幻模擬戰 acumulando moedas do 夢幻模擬戰 é algo muito doloroso. Ao invés de gastar dinheiro para resolver esse problema, o 夢幻模擬戰 mod apk do Happymod é uma solução melhor. Os usuários do 夢幻模擬戰 fizeram os seguintes comentários:

I've been playing since I came into contact with 夢幻模擬戰, I'm very grateful that this app has brought me a lot of joy, and now it's very good for Android on Google. This app has a high degree of freedom and is very suitable for use when you are free. It is highly playable and recommended to buy.

The game experience of 夢幻模擬戰 is really good. Many users have experienced happiness in 夢幻模擬戰 and gained friends. I am an old player of 夢幻模擬戰, and I have my feelings for 夢幻模擬戰! Come on, hope to do better!

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